Dr. Dines Publishes Textbook on Sports Medicine of Baseball

Josh Dines, along with Drs. Andrews, Yocum, Altchek and ElAttrache, just finished editing a textbook, Sports Medicine of Baseball. The book was published by Lippincott, and its target audience includes Orthopedic Surgeons, Physical Therapists, Athletic trainers and anyone else involved in the care of athletes who play baseball. In addition to editing the text, Josh wrote 3 chapters for the book and David Dines added another chapter.

According to Amazon.com, Sports Medicine of Baseball includes all-encompassing coverage of the evaluation and treatment of common problems encountered in baseball players at all levels of competition. A large portion of the book focuses on shoulder and elbow problems, given the high number of shoulder and elbow injuries that affect baseball players. The text will also cover lower extremity injuries, spine conditions, and common medical problems that may be encountered.

Of special interest to athletic trainers, topics such as different training regimens for in-season versus off-season workouts and tailoring throwing programs for relievers and starters is given particular attention.

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