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The Shoulder and Elbow in the Young Athlete

Introduction Shoulder and elbow injuries are, unfortunately, common in young athletes. In part this is due to the repetitive nature of many overhand sports, such as baseball, tennis and swimming which subjet the shoulder and elbow to repetitive loads over extended periods of time. Athletes who play these sports often develop chronic overuse type injuries.… Read More »

Sports After Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Arthritis affects the shoulder less frequently than the hip or knee, but it still results in more than 10,000 shoulder replacements being done per year in the United States. The most common type of arthritis in the shoulder, Osteoarthritis, is a degenerative condition that destroys the cartilage on the humerus (ball) and glenoid (socket). It… Read More »

AC Joint in Baseball Players

Shoulder problems in pitchers are usually related to the rotator cuff muscles or the labrum. These are soft tissue structures that help stabilize the shoulder during the throwing motion. For Mariano Rivera, the shoulder pain that he had a few seasons before his retirement was related to his acromioclavicular joint (or AC joint). The AC… Read More »

Rotator Cuff Tears in Pitchers

The rotator cuff consists of four muscles that act together to stabilize and move the shoulder joint. Due to the function of these muscles, sports which require demanding overhead activities, such as tennis, baseball, or swimming, put the rotator cuff muscles under an undue amount of stress. A rotator cuff tear indicates a defect in… Read More »

Dead Arm Syndrome

Pain during the throwing motion that results in decreased velocity is commonly referred to as “Dead Arm Syndrome.” It can be related to any of the bones or soft tissues in the shoulder joint, but it usually involves the rotator cuff tendons or the labrum. The rotator cuff is a group of 4 muscles but… Read More »

Platelet Rich Plasma getting athletes back on the field sooner

Despite two weeks of intensive physical therapy, it was probably the platelet rich plasma (PRP) injection that got Hines Ward on the field for the Superbowl when the Steelers played the Cardinals. Ward suffered a sprained Medial Collateral Ligament of his knee during the conference championship game. These injuries can often take weeks to heal,… Read More »